Grokking Anarcho-Mysticism

bismillah al-jamal al-majnun

To be an anarchist is to shatter and to rebuild; to be a mystic is to be shattered and rebuilt. Anarcho-Mysticism is glimpsing the potential of every atom of every molecule while grokking the Beauty (al-jamal) and the Chaos (al-majnun).

Sana’i said that there was a boy sent to study in a mosque, and when that boy was told to clean the mosque of all that was dirty, he was soon nowhere to be found: Later, he explained that he had removed that which was dirty–himself.

That is not Anarcho-Mysticism. The boy, if an Anarcho-Mystic, finding himself in a “dirty” mosque, would lose himself in the wonder of a single thread of dust. He would face qibla, touch his forehead to the ground in prayer and sing a hymn of love to the Earth his Mother.

When the Imam returned to check on the boy’s progress, what would the boy do then? Surely, he would offer the Imam a cup of wine and ask that he wash his feet.


About John Harness
John Harness is an artist and educator in Chicago. He is a member of Socialist Alternative and the Klingon Language Institute. He writes about political activism and roleplaying games.

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