The Great Tininess

Here I am, starting another blog–or maybe I’m revamping an old one. One of the reasons I’ve never been able to carry through with one of these things (before) is my own tendency to be amazingly pretentious: I make them into places to post essays, and though I start a lot of writing projects I never seem to finish any of them!

So, I’m going to let myself breathe a little more freely, here. This is the Great Tininess, a place wherein I hope to express–document, publish, publicize?–my current and future condition. I’m a student, I’m a neoPagan, I’m a chaos magician; I’m a white kid, I’m a historian, I’m a trekkie. And I’m gonna talk about it here.

Maybe I’ll even do it in Klingon, just for you.


UPDATE: Whoa, the blog has been up and running for almost two years! If you’re reading this message, it probably means you’ve read some of my newer stuff and know that a lot has changed — I’m not a chaos magician anymore, for example. But maybe not all that much has changed… still a Trekkie! ‘ej tlhIngan Hol jIjatlhlaHlaw’


About John Harness
John Harness is an artist and educator in Chicago. He is a member of Socialist Alternative and the Klingon Language Institute. He writes about political activism and roleplaying games.

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